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22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman

This book is the ULTIMATE inspirational guide for every woman in pursuit of her dreams! 22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman is a guidebook for women who are ready to turn their dreams into a reality. This book provides practical strategies to help turn your aspirations into action! Discover how creative visualization, positive declarations and meditation can lead you on your path to greatness. Learn how the ABC's of Thinking and The Ultimate Success Formula can help you attract the life that you want to lead. Each chapter consists of a topic filled with real-life scenarios, challenging exercises and a section entitled Nourishment for the Mind to reinforce each positive message learned. Packed with examples and success stories, this thought-provoking guide is your manual to discovering the Ultimate Woman in you!

Unleash the Ultimate Woman in You and discover how you transform your life with the 22 Principles:

Principle 1:  Learn from the Pain
Principle 2:  Live a Grateful Life Every Day
Principle 3:  Invest in Yourself
Principle 4:  Transcending Beyond Labels
Principle 5:  Forgiveness
Principle 6:  Harness the Power of Thought
Principle 7:  Awareness of Now
Principle 8:  The Profound Intelligence of Intuition
Principle 9:  Ask Boldly
Principle 10:  A Life of Purpose
Principle 11:  Handling Criticism
Principle 12:  Loving Yourself
Principle 13:  Finding People Who Believe in You
Principle 14:  Loving the Single Life
Principle 15:  A Phenomenal Body Image
Principle 16:  Confident You
Principle 17:  Choosing Friends Wisely
Principle 18:  Safeguard Your Dreams
Principle 19:  Your Physical Body as a Messenger
Principle 20:  The Power of Faith
Principle 21:  Fear as a Motivator
Principle 22: Take Action


"I received 22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman on a Friday. I was going to save it to read over the holidays, but when I was flipping through it, too many things caught my eye, so I sat down and read it that night. Great book! It was so candid and on point! Michelle's personal stories shine through with honesty. I am going to have to order another one for a friend!"
- Sonya Henry

 (Atlanta, GA)

"Each principle is so inspiring and the message behind them was so uplifting. I especially liked the "Nourishment for the Mind" sections and the chapter exercises really make you think. A great book for any woman on her path to greatness!"
- Janice Mitchell

(Philadelphia, PA)

"This is an excellent guide for women who are struggling with their inner self. 22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman is right on time!"
- I'Asia Deyo

(New York, NY)