New e-Book!

Thriving While 9 to 5'ing: A Practical Guide to Building Your Empire While Working Your 9 to 5


This eBook is designed to help you move beyond reliance on one source of income to building your own empire!

  • Learn about NINE viable  income streams you can begin to build today to generate additional income

  • Leverage the techniques in this book to cultivate the proper mindset to reach your goals

  • Discover financial strategies and tips to make your money work for you, all while keeping your day job

*This eBook can be purchased as a standalone product.   It is also available with Pinnacle Membership and  comes with a video diary series.  The e-book PLUS video diary series is available only with Pinnacle Membership.  Click here for PINNACLE  membership info.

22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman


 This book is the ULTIMATE inspirational guide for every woman in pursuit of her dreams! 22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman is a guidebook for women who are ready to turn their dreams into a reality. This book provides practical strategies to help turn your aspirations into action! Discover how creative visualization, positive declarations and meditation can lead you on your path to greatness. Learn how the ABC's of Thinking and The Ultimate Success Formula can help you attract the life that you want to lead. Each chapter consists of a topic filled with real-life scenarios, challenging exercises and a section entitled Nourishment for the Mind to reinforce each positive message learned. Packed with examples and success stories, this thought-provoking guide is your manual to discovering the Ultimate Woman in you! 

*this is a physical book that will be shipped and signed by Michelle