Why Should You Hire a Coach?


Coaching helps you change your way of thinking, planning and taking action against your goals. Top athletes, CEO’s and VP’s of major Fortune 500 companies all have one thing in common- they leverage the support of coaches.  Why? Because they recognize the need  for someone to help them identify their blind spots...those areas they are unable to see because they are standing too close. If you are at a standstill with your goals, let’s work together to overcome that. Spots are limited so book now!


Coaching Packages now available!

IG Page Audit (30 minute consultation+report)


You've been posting content and giving it your all but nothing seems to drive growth for your business page.  Let me help.  I will audit your page and provide a comprehensive 1-2 page report detailing organic  growth strategies to increase your followers and engagement.  I will review the report with you on a 30-minute call and answer any additional questions you might have.  Your IG page is key to your business success and my coaching recommendations are specifically designed to address the challenges you are facing.

From Passion to Passive Income Coaching Session (1 Hour)


You have the drive, passion and desire but you need some guidance to put it all together.  Where do you start?  How can you begin to monetize your talents and do so in  way that doesn't require your presence?  In this coaching session we will develop the blueprint to get you from passion to passive income.  Be prepared to leave all excuses behind!  Get ready for a transformation from wishing for it to working for it!

Keys to the Crib: Your First Investment Property Coaching Session (1 Hour)


The most common question I receive from future landlords is 'Where do I start?"  During this one-hour coaching session we will discuss the steps you need to take in order to achieve your primary goal of owning your first property.  This session will help you bridge the gap between where you are today and holding the keys to your first property. Prior to the coaching session you will fill out a simple questionnaire which will guide our conversation.  

Customized Coaching Session (1 Hour)


Can't find exactly what you're looking for? No problem! Customize your session tailored to your specific needs.  Topics with previous clients included:

  • Home-ownership
  • Budgeting Basics
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Paying off Debt
  • Side Hustle Help
  • Personal Finance Basics
  • Real Estate Investment Options for Retirement Planning

Client testimonials

Michelle's IG coaching was one of the most informative conversations I’ve had about IG, marketing & branding. I randomly reached out to her (if you’ve visited her IG account you’d know why...her content is incredible) to ask for help. Michelle literally went above and beyond by thoroughly reviewing my IG page, creating a two page audit, and made multiple recommendations to adjust my page that would make my handle more cohesive. In addition to her wonderful recommendations, she was extremely professional and pleasant to speak with. We covered more in 30 minutes than I could have hoped for. When we were finished, I asked her for a coaching package for the entire year, ha! She is the real deal and you won’t regret a call with her.

Mark Mendez


IG handle: @markhmendez


I’d like to give a very big thank you to “Landlord in Stilettos”. I’m an entrepreneur and I’m used to making all the decisions and finding information on my own. I was in a rut and could not figure out my next move. After speaking with Michelle, I felt rejuvenated and really got some great ideas. Her feedback was tailored to my situation, detailed, and sensible. I was so motivated after our call that I stayed up all night preparing my plan of action. 

Michelle provides objective information, gives suggestions, and makes you feel as if you are speaking with a friend in the process. Her kindness and concern are an additional attribute because it allows you to be honest and forthcoming with the information that she needs to assist you. I would refer her to everyone, you cannot go wrong with chatting with her. I wish everyone she comes in contact with the best of luck. 

-Suezie Gibbs



I had so many ideas floating around in my head and I couldn’t narrow down how I wanted to make passive income outside of my 9-5. My coaching session with Michelle was music to my ears. She not only helped me focus on the things I do best, but she helped me create the blueprint for how to make it happen. I kept buying all the books, watching all the YouTube videos and listening to the guru’s but Michelle helped to crystallize my ideas into a solid plan. Besides her sense of humor, she takes a no-nonsense approach to making things happen.

Kendra R.


Cherry Hill, NJ


Michelle provides an excellent service and I was highly impressed with the level of attention and input I received.  I presented her with a jumbled mess and hung up with a clear outline of my desired direction along with attainable goals to monitor my progress along the way.  I would strongly recommend Michelle's coaching services to any aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for someone who is passionate about going above and beyond.   Michelle provides real value in her coaching sessions and its worth every dollar spent. 

-William Hollis