How To Create Your Online Business Using Instagram


 Did you know that there are over 1 Billion active accounts on Instagram? Even more exciting is the fact that there are over 8 million business accounts leveraging Instagram to market their products and services!  What does this mean for you? Opportunity. It’s time to stop scrolling for fun, and scroll to make an income. In this webinar we will focus on the following:· Developing the right mindset to propel you beyond relying on a bi-weekly paycheck to making profits while you sleep· Choosing the right niche to grow and expand your online business· Moving beyond IG as personal entertainment to leveraging Instagram as a marketing tool to promote your products and services· How to provide daily value and quality content to keep your audience yearning for more· Growing your audience with strategies that build a community and boost engagement· Ways to monetize your account and bring in additional income
This 90-minute webinar is loaded with value! It’s time to think beyond your paycheck and get your slice of the online pie.
Here is a detailed look at the 90 minutes of content:

  • The Power of Your Mindset
  • Why you Should Start an Online Business
  • Why Instagram is a Social Media Powerhouse
  • Page –VS- Brand
  • Creating your Niche
  • Building Amazing Content that Resonates
  • Building a Community
  • Hashtag Strategies for Growth & Success
  • Business Tools for Your Online Business Journey
  • Instagram Monetization
  • Bringing it all Together

Read what my attendees are saying below! 

What are ATTENDEES saying?


Michelle's webinar on growing an Instagram business account was powerful!  She covered every step needed from start to finish.  I was so excited to see all the listed resources from building a website to how to use hashtags correctly!  Building an Instagram community is looking to be a profitable way to go and the guidance on building a community and collaborating was priceless.  This was well worth the investment and the time!

Eneida C.

Sales & Public Speaking Coach



I’m so glad I registered for this webinar! Michelle provided so much information that I will need to listen to the replay a few more times to ensure that I captured everything! She covered all the relevant topics that I need in order to start an online business such as which tools and apps to use, hashtag strategies, creating your niche, engagement in your community, and creating several income streams. My favorite part was how she gave examples from her own successes and mistakes so we wouldn’t do the same. This was an amazing investment in myself and my business and I look forward to her next webinar!

Stephanie L.



I loved how Michelle made the information so easy to understand and broke it down in a way that made it simple. There was something for everyone on this webinar, whether you are new to this online thing or you have an established brand. Michelle’s passion is evident and she is truly walking in her purpose. There’s so much content to digest in this webinar but I loved how she was willing to share it all and not hold back.

Amelia D.

Research Assistant