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As an author, public speaker and training consultant, I’ve worked with several organizations and I’d love to work with you as well! Topics that I lecture on include:

  • Career Development 
  • Women’s Empowerment 
  • Teen Issues
  • Investing in Your Future Through Real Estate
  • Goal Setting
  • Confidence
  • Financial Goal Setting

 How can we work together? Below are some examples of how I’ve partnered in the past.  Please feel free to contact me at landlordinstilettos@gmail.com for more information.

Writer, Author & Speaker


Workshops, Seminars & Training

Keynote Speaker


Author of 22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman

Creator and editor of Tips for Success (online entrepreneurship newsletter)

Creator of Landlord in Stilettos 

Keynote Speaker

Workshops, Seminars & Training

Keynote Speaker


Keynote speaker, Commencement Address to Furness High School

Acclaimed speech, Why Not You?  Five Keys to a Successful Future

Champagne & Real Estate: How to Invest in Rental Property

Workshops, Seminars & Training

Workshops, Seminars & Training

Workshops, Seminars & Training


York College of Pennsylvania

Delaware State University

Cabrini College

Johnson C. Smith University

United Way and the Philadelphia Anti-Violence/Anti-Drug Network


After reading Michelle's first newsletter I sensed that she was someone who could be a positive influence on the young girls my agency works with. Upon meeting her several months later that notion was confirmed. And after having Michelle facilitate a Career and Wealth building workshop with the girls, I was extremely pleased with how well-prepared and professional she was. She was able to relate very well with the girls. Michelle is truly gifted with the necessary skills, patience and adult mentorship that is needed in the lives of girls today. She will definitely touch the lives of many!
- Bernice Hernandez
Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence Network

Michelle McAllister delivered the commencement address for Furness High School at the Merriam Theatre and captivated the audience with her inspiring words. Michelle's message was illuminated by the personalized touch that was added: she included the dreams and aspirations of the six students she spoke with prior to the commencement. After graduation Furness parents, teachers and staff raved about the remarkable job Michelle did. Their first question was, Where can I purchase her book? Michelle's speech was simply phenomenal.
- Michelle V. Thornton, Teacher
Furness High School

Michelle left the audience rejuvenated and leaving with smiles on their faces! Her stories and insight were not only inspirational but gave a young, fresh perspective to a group of women who may felt underrepresented. Everyone was enthusiastic about her presentation and told me I should bring her back for our second annual women's conference!

- Melissa Waters
Director, Student Diversity Initiatives
Cabrini College

It was an absolute pleasure to host Michelle McAllister at York College of Pennsylvania to discuss her book, 22 Life Principles for the Ultimate Woman. Michelle is a powerful and captivating motivational speaker whose priceless wisdom leaves an indelible mark on anyone with the privilege of engaging her!

-Darrien Davenport

Director, York College of Pennsylvania

Michelle is a living role model to my students. Her presentation was informative, creative and useful to my students. She showed that a business person does not have to be dull and dry. Good business persons are creative, energetic and inspiring. Needless to say it was a pleasure and an honor to see her climbing the ladder of leadership and problem solving skills.
- Dr. Nick Desai
Professor of Economics, Johnson C. Smith University

Michelle is an inspirational warrior with grace, and insight that provides a window into those things which make us better as people. She is a hidden jewel of an author whose time has come. This book will inspire and motivate for many years to come.

- Sophia A. Nelson
Contributor, theROOT.com, HuffingtonPost, Freelance writer Essence Magazine, CNN, NPR, BET, and The Washington Post